One of our latest job in Hanover, PA.

On this project, our team was delighted to work closely with the customer to bring their vision of a remarkable new patio to life. The initial phase involved the removal of an existing lower deck that no longer met their requirements. Additionally, the customer expressed their desire to extend the patio into a storage area beneath the main deck, prompting us to include that space in our plans.

Understanding the customer's intention to rebuild the main deck later in the summer, we took proactive steps to ensure a seamless transition. This involved the safe removal of the steps and creating a clear path for the installation of the patio in that area, without any obstructions.

To create a solid foundation, we removed the old patio pavers and the worn-out base. We leveled the ground and carefully laid a new base material, ensuring its proper compaction. During conversations with the homeowner, we discovered a drainage issue on the property. Due to the lawn's slope towards the house, heavy rainstorms caused water to accumulate on the old patio. Although some drains were already installed by the previous homeowners, they proved insufficient to address the problem. Collaborating closely with the current owners, we collectively determined that the most effective solution would be the installation of a comprehensive French drain system running along the entire length of the patio. Once the patio construction was complete, we finished the top of the drain system with beautiful pond stones, adding a touch of elegance.

We were dedicated to ensuring the customer's utmost satisfaction by carefully addressing the drainage issue and installing the French drain system. Our primary objective was to surpass their expectations by not only resolving the problem but also creating an expanded patio that would enhance visual appeal. Our aim was to provide them with a space they could genuinely enjoy and take pleasure in.